Equipment Design

Specialised Equipment

Every project is unique and may require bespoke equipment. Drawing upon our extensive experience in the heavy lift and transportation sector, we possess a deep understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the heavy lift and transportation equipment. This enables us to craft equipment designs that are finely tuned to your specific requirements.


Petrochemical Industry

In the realm of modular construction, the innovative integration of various lifting equipment (mobile cranes, crawler cranes, ringer cranes, strand jacks) and transportation equipment (SPMT) elevates the safety, efficiency and timely execution of tasks.

To tailer to the needs of the projects, some examples of the specialised equipment includes:

  • Tower Lift System with Strand Jacks
  • Tailing Frame
  • Spreader Beam
  • Lifting Beam
  • Modular Spreader Beams
  • Lifting Frame

Power Plant Industry

The transport and installation of turbines, generators, HRSG, boilers and transformers constitute a time-critical and essential phase of power plant construction. Tailored equipment meticulously designed to match the distinct dimensions and requirements of the power plant plays a central role in ensuring the project’s safe and timely completion.

Within our expertise, we offer a diverse array of solutions, encompassing:

  • Modular Tower System for Power Equipment Installation
  • Moving Gantry with Strand Jacks
  • Modular Moving Gantry
  • Tele-gantry Header Beam
  • Jacking and Skidding System

Offshore Industry

The demanding landscape of construction in the offshore industry presents significant challenges for the on-time and within-budget realisation of major offshore projects. Leveraging its extensive expertise in heavy lift and transportation industry, ROYDEN & JAYSTON serves as your reliable partner to offer unparalleled engineering equipment design to the industry.

Our capabilities encompass a range of solutions, including:

  • Launch and Recovery System Design
  • A-Frame Design
  • Offshore Crane Boom Rest Design
  • Lifting Padeyes and Trunnion Design
  • Horseshoes Design for Skidding Loadout
  • Fender Design for Topside/Jacket Skidding Loadout

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