Singapore Professional Engineer’s Endorsement

Professional Engineer’s Endorsement

Professional Engineer’s endorsement in Singapore signifies that an engineer has met the rigorous standards set by the Professional Engineers Board (PEB). Comply with the local authority requirements by getting your equipment designs and Heavy Lift & Transportation engineering work endorsed by a certified Professional Engineer.

At ROYDEN & JAYSTON, we provide various new designs and engineering checks endorsed by a certified Professional Engineer.


Land Transport Route/Bridges Check

In Singapore, for land transportation on roads involving vehicles and cargo weighing 200 tons and above, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) mandates the requirement of a Professional Engineer’s route report.

At ROYDEN & JAYSTON, we provide comprehensive support to our clients, including route and bridge assessments for land transport, as well as the essential preparation of the Professional Engineer’s (PE) report, ensuring compliance with LTA regulations.


Spreader Beam / Lifting Beam

At ROYDEN & JAYSTON, we understand that each lifting task is unique. That’s why our spreader and lifting beam designs can be customised to match the specific requirements of your project.

We take into consideration the type of load, the environment, the lifting equipment being used, the space constraints, and any other relevant factors. Additionally, our designs comply with international design codes and guidelines, industry regulations and safety standards, ensuring that your lifting operations are carried out with the utmost safety and precision.


Modular Spreader Beam

ROYDEN & JAYSTON’s modular spreader beams offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for lifting operations with interchangeable components, adjustable lengths, and diverse load capacities, allowing easy adaptation to different projects.

Their streamlined transport and adherence to safety regulations ensure efficient and compliant lifting, while customisation options tailor the beams to specific project needs, making them a valuable asset for various industries.


Lifting Frame

A lifting frame proves invaluable when dealing with the lifting of bulky loads, whether they are square, rectangular, or cylindrical, and involve more than two lifting points. It offers distinct advantages, particularly in situations where headroom is limited.

ROYDEN & JAYSTON can customise the lifting frame design to your project’s needs. By opting for a lifting frame over a combination of multiple lifting beams, you can benefit from optimised crane’s size, leading to potential cost savings.


Transport Beams

ROYDEN & JAYSTON’s transport beam design exemplifies versatility, serving as a multi-purpose solution for various lifting and transport challenges. Our transport beams can seamlessly transition to function as jacking beams, load spreaders (whether on trailers or barge/vessel decks), crane mats, and ro-ro ramps (if required).

The adaptability of our transport beams is further enhanced by the consideration of different loading arrangements, which can impact the beam’s capacity. Our easy-to-read load diagrams are pivotal in optimising this capacity, ensuring that the transport beams are used to their full potential, balancing safety, efficiency, and load-bearing capability.


Support Stools

At ROYDEN & JAYSTON, we understand that every project has unique requirements. That’s why we offer customisable support stool designs that can be tailored to fit specific load sizes, shapes, and application environments.

ROYDEN & JAYSTON’s support stool design is not only dependable but also remarkably adaptable, catering seamlessly to both land-based and marine applications. Our support stools can be designed with a modular approach, enabling easy height adjustments. This versatility allows them to effectively cater to a diverse range of projects and cargo handling needs.


Tower System for Power Plant

The installation of power equipment is a crucial and time-sensitive phase in power plant construction. While there may be similarities between the power plants designs, variations in size and dimensions exist.

At ROYDEN & JAYSTON, we understand the importance of customisation to address the distinct demands of each project. To achieve this, we work with you to employ a modular design approach that suits you best, enabling our solutions to be adaptable for diverse projects.


Moving Gantry with Strand Jacks

ROYDEN & JAYSTON takes pride in our innovative solutions tailored specifically for power equipment installation. We design bespoke moving gantry with strand jacks customised to your project’s requirements.

We take into account the size, weight, and dimensions of the equipment, as well as site-specific conditions. This ensures that the moving gantry provides the perfect fit, allowing for seamless and controlled equipment positioning. Strand jacks offer controlled and synchronized lifting, enabling us to precisely lift heavy power equipment to the desired elevation. This sophisticated approach enhances safety, minimizes load shifts, and ensures precise alignment during installation.


Telescopic Hydraulic Gantry Header Beam

Telescopic hydraulic gantry is used in various industries for installation of heavy equipment in area with limited space, most notably in the Power industry for the installation of power equipment. It is also used widely for loading and offloading of heavy cargo onto trailers, installation of press and load testing.

The usage of the header beam could be greatly optimised with a load diagram. We can design header beam accompanied by comprehensive load diagram to ensure that your operations are not only successful but also strategically designed to overcome challenges and maximize results.


Gantry Lift with Strand Jacks

In project site with limited space, gantry lift systems provide an ideal compact and efficient solution. These systems can be seamlessly deployed in areas where traditional crane systems encounter difficulties due to spatial limitations. Despite occupying a small footprint, these gantry lifts boast impressive lifting capacities, often reaching up to 3000 tons. This makes them particularly well-suited for the installation of reactors, a critical need within the demanding petrochemical industry.

At ROYDEN & JAYSTON, we have helped our clients with professional engineer’s reviews and endorsements for their existing designs. This ensures that the gantry lift systems are not only capable of handling the specified load capacity but also adhere to the highest industry standards for safety, structural integrity, and efficient operation.


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